Habakkuk, Trusting God in Troubled Times

Habakkuk, Trusting God in Troubled Times

January 10 – February 7, 2021

Series Overview

Trust the Lord, no matter what.
Easier said than done, especially after living through 2020!

Coming through, what has been for many, the most challenging year of our lives, the questions arise:

  • Where was God?
  • Where is God when most circumstances seemingly betray his character and what we read of Him in the Scriptures.

The prophet Habakkuk has a message for God’s people around the world today. The followers of Jesus can—and must—trust in God, no matter how tumultuous circumstances become. This trust is not easy, as the name of the prophet suggests. Habakkuk means “to embrace, to wrestle”.

While most biblical prophets speak to the people on behalf of God, Habakkuk is unique in that the prophet is speaking to God on behalf of the people. Habakkuk is perplexed, because God is planning to use Babylon to punish his own people in Judah, even though Babylon is far more wicked than Judah. The three chapters of this prophecy show Habakkuk wrestling with God in anguish, but ultimately learning to trust in the Lord, no matter what.

The vision of God found in the book, the questions it raises, the struggle it brings to our hearts are so needed today. Our own joy is at stake if we miss the message conveyed Habakkuk, as well as being echoed in other parts of Scripture. The message is clear: steadfast joy can be found, in spite of circumstances.

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