Messages from July 2021

Provides Love for Others, 07/25/21

MESSAGE July 25 Message Overview:We will look at how God’s great love provides love for others. Peninsula Covenant Church · July 25, 2021 – Provides Love for Others Message Resources

Provides Light & Forgiveness, 07/18/21

MESSAGE July 18 Message Overview: We will look at how God’s love provides light and forgiveness. Peninsula Covenant Church · Jul 18, 2021 – God Provides Light and Forgiveness Message Resources

Provides Life, Fellowship, Joy, 07/11/21

MESSAGE July 11 Message Overview: We cannot be the church well, unless we love well by accessing the unlimited well of God’s love. Peninsula Covenant Church · Together Responding to His Great Love Message Resources

Interdependence Day, 07/04/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jul 4, 2021 – Interdependence Day As we move forward into the unknown of our future, we can benefit being interdependent on God and each other. In this message, let’s find out what a puzzle piece, a head of lettuce, and the Declaration of Independence all have in common!