Messages by Brian Rhen

Provides Light & Forgiveness, 07/18/21

MESSAGE July 18 Message Overview: We will look at how God’s love provides light and forgiveness. Peninsula Covenant Church · Jul 18, 2021 – God Provides Light and Forgiveness Message Resources

Provides Life, Fellowship, Joy, 07/11/21

MESSAGE July 11 Message Overview: We cannot be the church well, unless we love well by accessing the unlimited well of God’s love. Peninsula Covenant Church · Together Responding to His Great Love Message Resources

Interdependence Day, 07/04/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jul 4, 2021 – Interdependence Day As we move forward into the unknown of our future, we can benefit being interdependent on God and each other. In this message, let’s find out what a puzzle piece, a head of lettuce, and the Declaration of Independence all have in common!

Farewell Gaddinis, 06/27/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jun 27, 2021 – Farewell Gaddinis We’re honoring Gary & Anne Gaddini and their 5 daughters for their ministry at PCC, beginning in 1997. Gary has been our Lead Pastor since 2003. Our theme is What God Has Done

Believe and Follow?, 02/21/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Feb 21, 2021 – Follow: Believe and Follow? This two-week mini series is designed to help you reflect on where you are on your journey with Jesus. We will focus on what it means to passionately follow Christ in light of PCC’s mission, G4 Pathway, and values.

Zechariah’s Song, 12/20/20

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Dec 20, 2020 – A Weary World Rejoices: Zechariah's Song Throughout the month of December, each Sunday and on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24), we will hear teachings based on songs in the Gospel of Luke. During this Advent Season, PCC is wanting to help a weary world rejoice by giving you, your family and/or friends, a daily focus to help you experience the hope, peace, joy, and love of God. Our series, A…

Peace in a Polarized World, 10/18/20

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Oct 18, 2020 – THE ESSENTIALS: Peace in a Polarized World For those who identify as Christians, “the fruit of the Spirit” is a well-known phrase from a much-loved passage of Scripture. Though it is so well known, its life-altering impact can be lost on many Christians. Tragically, the character of Christ can be obscured through the lives of Christians. Never is this myopia more of a reality than in an election season. The fruit of…

Unity & Honor, 8/16/20

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Aug 16, 2020 – ONE KINGDOM. INDIVISIBLE. Unity & Honor This 8-week series will provide an overview of the Kingdom of God, as it is taught throughout Scripture. During each week, we will focus on the theological foundation for the unity of the Kingdom of God, while making applications to our current national/cultural environment. The hope is to provide a Christ-like lens for how the Church can be a unified voice of good news…