FM: Middle School Group Leader

FM: Middle School Group Leader

Middle School EPIC Group Leader

What we do:

The Middle School EPIC Group Leader engages with teens during our group gatherings, in order to be a relational leader and help point their students back to Jesus. This leader helps middle school students connect with one another, engage in discipleship.

Why we do it:

PCC Gathers, Grows, Gives and Goes in our discipleship pathways in all age environments. As middle school students Gather, they need adult leaders who want to help them be exposed to the reality of who Jesus is. 

We know that providing a safe, structured, fun, and friendly environment will help foster engagement and growth for our middle school students. We love knowing our PCC students are developing relationships with each other and with Jesus.

This role is integral to sharing the Word of God with students, in accordance with our PCC Priorities—specifically The Family Table.

Aligning with our G4 Strategy, this role helps the students in Family Ministry to Grow in Christ-likeness through their participation in Student Ministry programs and activities. This contribution is a godly gift to our PCC teenagers and their families, because the group leader Gives of their talents and abilities.

Who does it:

  • You love middle-school teenagers.
  • You are an adult leader, who wants to invest in the lives of middle school teens.
  • You want to make a positive impact in the students’ lives and help them be connected to community.
  • You are willing to invest in the long-term relational value of teenagers, as a part of PCC.
  • You are glad to familiarize yourself with protocol and recognize its importance.
  • You are a responsive and resourceful person.
  • You like the camaraderie of being on a team and the interplay of working as a team.

How we do it:

Student Ministry needs adults who want to encourage middle school students and help them feel connected to the overall ministry. Adults at our middle school group gathering consistently and intentionally connect with teens.

We win when:

  • Every middle school student at a group gathering has a leader who greets them, encourages them, and knows that the adults want to hang out with teens at the phase of life they are at. 
  • Friendships are forged with teammates.
  • Teammates pray for and encourage each other.
  • Teammates share ideas and experiences.

Email: Student Ministries Director, Jeremiah Campos