LaLuz Immigrant Resource Center

LaLuz Immigrant Resource Center is PCC’s initiative to help immigrants find pathways for immigration.

  • Listen to the stories of families you meet who are struggling to find legal support. Pray.
  • Refer them to LaLuz.
  • Become a DOJ accredited immigration counselor.

Generations United

Generations United serves Latino families and others living in East Redwood City with physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs.

Deliver food. Bring physical and emotional support to a family in need. Every Tuesday, deliver a week’s worth of food to a local family.  Use the opportunity to know, love, and pray for them. Learn more here.

Help a child with distance learning in partnership with Radiant Youth. Invite a child with space and technology challenges into your home for distance learning support. Become a distance learning coach for a child. Bring another child into your own home learning environment with the help of a distance learning coach. Learn more here.

Prayer-adopt a child or family. Pray regularly for and write to a child or family. They may be a family to whom you bring food or whose children you help support in distance learning. Or you may simply pray diligently for them and encourage them regularly through writing.