Exodus: Journey to Freedom

Why study Exodus? The answer has to do with the word “and.”

One of the strangest things about the book of Exodus is that the book literally begins with the word “and.” You won’t see it in the English translation, but that’s how the book starts in Hebrew. And.

“And” takes one thought and joins it to a secondary thought. In the book preceding Exodus, Genesis, God was so very clearly working through the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph). But now, in contrast to those good old days, God’s people find themselves in dark times, oppressed and enslaved. So, here’s what God was doing. God put that little “and” at the beginning of Exodus to preach a powerful message. It’s this: No matter how horrible things may look, the same God that led Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph is still in charge. AND, despite what things may look like, He is continuing to work good for all who love Him.

It’s also a message we need today. The same God who led Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, and eventually their descendants out of slavery, is the same sovereign God who is still leading people to freedom today.

Just when it looks like evil is winning, God inserts, not a period, but a hopeful “and.”

Dates & Topics

June 23

The God of the And (Exodus 1)
Preacher: Mark Tumney

June 30

Identity Crisis (Exodus 2)
Preacher: Mark Tumney

July 7

The Gift of Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11)
Preacher: Jacquie Ronan

July 14

I Am
Preacher: Mark Tumney

July 21

Bricks without Straw

July 28

Psalm 121

August 4


August 11


August 18

Crossing the Red Sea

August 25

Mount Sinai and the 10 Commandments

September 1

The Tabernacle and the Glory of the Lord

September 8

The Report of the Spies

First Fruits