Together We Are PCC

Together Gathering, 10/17/21

WORSHIP & PRAYER October 17, 2021:Today we worshiped God, reflecting on our PCC family’s season of transition and our new Stakeholders. We prayed for unity, interdependence, grief, the survey and search team, our staff, the surrounding community, and the world. We also heard a message from our current series, Together: Remembering Experiences that Inform Our Future. Note: Podcast for this Sunday will be posted here by Tuesday. Peninsula Covenant Church · October 17, 2021 – Fight Evil with the Lord…

Together Gathering, 09/05/21

WORSHIP & PRAYER September 5, 2021:Today we worshiped God, reflected on our PCC family’s transition, ate together (in person and online) at the Lord’s table, prayed for our many global crises, prayed for all who pour into PCC, and celebrated baptisms, Note: Podcast for this Sunday will be posted here by Monday. Peninsula Covenant Church · September 5, 2021: Together: We are PCC! Message Resources

Interdependence Day, 07/04/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jul 4, 2021 – Interdependence Day As we move forward into the unknown of our future, we can benefit being interdependent on God and each other. In this message, let’s find out what a puzzle piece, a head of lettuce, and the Declaration of Independence all have in common!