Fall Experiences 2021

For PCC, fall is here! So, we are rolling out many connection and growth options for you! Community Outreach Duration: Fixed length with option to extend Vulnerable Youth Mentor Event Saturday, September 25, PCC Campus Racial Justice Duration: Fixed length, monthly Lunch Conversations on Race & Faith Sundays at 11:45am, October 3, November 7, December 3PCC Campus Workshops Duration: Fixed length Vows 4 Monday, September 27, Online & In Person Vows 5 Monday, November 8, Online & In Person Growth…

Men’s Purity Group

Purity Group is a place for men to step out of isolation surrounding their sexual sin and step into an authentic community of men that can help support them in their quest to live into the MORE that God has for them—more meaningful relationships with God, family and friends; more focus, feeling and fight; more freedom to be who you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live. We meet to: Worship our God and…

Man2Man Coaching

For men, a one-to-one relationship that helps you grow in your desired areas of life. Experience the power of an inter-generational relationship. Anyone getting a coach establishes their goals. Our trained coaches help them discover the pathway there. Sessions: 6 sessionsLocation: Online