Fall Experiences 2021

For PCC, fall is here! So, we are rolling out many connection and growth options for you! All-PCC Campus Activity Duration: Event Together We Work! Saturday, November 13, 9am-4pmPCC Campus Family Table Duration: Event Let’s Play Some Board Games! Sunday, October 31, 10am-12pmPCC Campus Racial Justice Duration: Event Lunch Conversations on Race & Faith Sunday, November 7 and December 5, 11:45am-1:15pm Workshops Duration: Fixed length Vows 5 Monday, November 8, Online & In Person Growth Groups Duration: Fixed length Series…

Women’s Mentoring

For women, a one-to-one relationship that helps you grow in your desired areas of life. Women’s Mentoring enables women to walk through life grounded in Christ. Mentoring is a trusted relationship between two women—a mentor and a mentee—for the purpose of spiritual growth and growth in our life circumstances. We have 1:1 and group format choices. 6 sessions.