God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart for The World is a PCC support opportunity reaching out to the most vulnerable:

  • Orphans
  • Immigrants
  • Least Reached

Throughout the month of December 2021, 10% of all giving to PCC will be allocated to God’s Heart For The World. These funds will seed sustainable holistic development in a disciple-making context.

MIGRATION is the new word for today that is overwhelming people from all parts of the globe.  Every 2 seconds, somewhere in the world someone is uprooted from what was home into a life where everything becomes uncertain … “Where can I go? Can I actually live through this? Is there any hope for me? If so, where might I find it? How might I get there? Because I cannot live this way any longer.” Persecution, trafficking, kidnapping, violence, corrupt power systems, political strife and risk are rampant throughout the world in 2021. God is bringing the nations to us! We have new opportunities like never before to bring the gospel to those crying out for life.


Thousands of unaccompanied minor youth have fled from the “Northern Triangle” of Central America to the US to escape trafficking, persecution, and drug driven violence. Several hundred youth have escaped Afghanistan as refugees, hoping every day to find their way into a safe place to live. All of these youth have been through great trauma before they arrive here. When they land in the US, unless a sponsor such as a relative is identified for them, they become part of the foster care system.  

Institute for Children’s Aid and PCC’s Radiant Youth partner to help these teens find a loving home that will allow them to be loved by a family, in a place to call home, in an environment that  understands the trauma they have experienced and offers healing. God’s Heart Offering is helping with counseling while at PCC we seek families who would step forward to being hope to these young lives. 

In addition to financial support and opening up one’s home, there are multiple ways you can love these youth. Consider the following: 

  • tutoring and/or navigating the educational system
  • mentoring, through prayer or time together
  • counseling and support groups
  • financial literacy
  • healthy eating
  • job stability

SPOILER ALERT!  Dec. 19 you will hear Mary’s story on the video. Pray for the Mary’s who God is bringing to us. Ask God to show His love and grace made possible through salvation in Jesus into these hearts. God is bringing these youth from a world caught in strife and hopelessness to us!


Over 1/3 of the Redwood City population are Latino immigrants. Many first generation immigrants found their way here because drug related violence or trafficking chased them from their home. God has brought them here where we can walk with them safely to discover the healing power of Jesus Christ. While many are seeking legal status, they also need ways to provide for themselves. La Luz Immigration Resource Center, a PCC outreach to this community, in partnership with Generations United, who has served this community over a decade, is offering legal vocational training. The foreigner among us does not have to live in poverty or fear! 

This unique partnership will bring legal tools to immigrants to prevent them from ever needing to enter the ranks of the impoverished. Learning from and being loved on by Christ-followers will help them discover why God brought them here. We are the ones who can bring hope not only for food today, but for eternal bread for tomorrow.


As a nation, Afghanistan is home to several of the world’s largest unreached people groups in the world. For many decades this country of beautiful people has been in political turmoil and sharing the gospel of Jesus through word openly has come with great risk.  DID YOU KNOW you live near “Little Afghanistan”? The Fremont area is host to the largest group of Afghans (60,000 and growing) in any community outside Afghanistan or Pakistan. 

With the recent evacuations, Afghan refugees are streaming into the Bay Area to find family, community, some hope of adjusting to a new life. God’s people have new opportunities to share God’s love with them without the restrictions and fears placed on them in their home country. God is bringing the nations to us! Through partnering with a local faith based resettlement ministry to Afghans, the gospel is being seeded in hearts, modeled by Christ followers with the freedom to live godly lives in deed and word. The opportunity has never been bigger to be His witnesses to people who, heretofore, had very little or no opportunity to be presented with the eternal life changing claims of Jesus. 

Money will help families find housing, mentors and friends who can walk with them through the challenges of paperwork, adapting to schooling, learning English, shopping, setting up a home, and many more. All in the name of just being the neighbor Jesus called His people to be when He shared the story of the Good Samaritan. Give from resources, time, abilities – as the faithful Samaritan did for the traveler struggling in his country..

Watch the video below to discover the kinds of things God is already doing right here in the Bay Area in the lives of these refugees. 

For more information on getting involved in any of these opportunities, email mission@wearepcc.com.