God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart for The World is a PCC support opportunity reaching out to the most vulnerable:

  • Impoverished of the peninsula
  • Least Reached of North Africa
  • Impoverished of the Congo

Throughout the month of December 2022, 10% of all giving to PCC will be allocated to God’s Heart For The World. These funds will seed sustainable holistic development in a disciple-making context.

Leadership That Multiplies

  1. PROBLEM: In recent years the gospel has moved fast and many people have found Jesus. The needs of the majority world Church have been exacerbated by the pandemic everywhere people are hungry for vision.
  1. SOLUTION: God’s Heart for the World offering this year intentionally
    helps cutting edge ministries multiply strong and deep leaders, so all
    can see returns on investment of giving grow, even continuing to
    multiply over the next 20 years.


Amongst the poorest in our community is Street Life Ministries. While we have churches on many corners in the peninsula, people not attending them are looking for people who care deeply about the community. Street Life Ministries has developed a holistic faith-based drug and alcohol recovery/rehab program. It will be the first outpatient drug rehab program in Redwood City, and the only faith based residential substance abuse program on the peninsula.

SLM is a ministry that meets people at their place of deepest need, and people connect with Jesus. However, the substance abuses that have often brought them to this place so not go away without solid, long-term treatment. Hence other efforts to get jobs with living wages to stay off the streets continue to struggle. A new generation of people with the support SLM offers who can become totally free of addictions, knowing it’s the power of Jesus that makes it possible as they themselves are mentored into jobs and leadership, has the potential to multiply exponentially the results of homeless ministries In addition to financial support and opening up one’s home, there are multiple ways you can serve these people in need. Consider the following:

  • Helping prepare meals to serve each evening
  • Driving and helping serve those meals
  • Clean up afterward in the PCC kitchen
  • Teach financial literacy
  • Mentor or coach through life skills or drug rehabilitation
  • Offer vocation training skills
  • Prepare hygiene kits
  • To give your time, go here.

Watch the video on December 4 to discover why and how giving your money to SLM at this strategic time will help seed this new and vitally important need for faith based residential drug and alcohol rehab right here on the Peninsula!


Amongst the least reached is AIM (Africa Inland Mission International), training leaders in North Africa through the development of sustainable businesses, from which churches are planted in countries that are otherwise quite resistant to the gospel.  Partly as a result of the foundation PCC helped create with groups like Activate Global (former GHFTW recipient), they are developing 2.0 models that offer hope to women owned businesses as well as traditional businesses. When governments see the church empowering the people economically, they tend to allow the church to grow.  A growing network of  business leaders planting churches yields a growing network of leaders with pastoral calls. Many Muslims will meet and experience Jesus.

Watch the video on December 11 to discover the kinds of things God has been doing through PCC in North Africa and how this offering can multiply leaders for new movements.

For more information on getting involved in any of these opportunities, email mission@wearepcc.com.


Amongst the established global church is the CEUM Church in the Congo, planted by ECC missionaries, has grown to impact millions of people. But the political, geographic, and economic challenges in the region have made deep growth difficult without confident  empowered leaders. GHFTW will fund two leadership programs, one at the macro level, one at the village level.  Denominational leaders will join a national network of church leaders for leadership development of the church from a 50,000 foot level. Pastors in some of the smallest villages will be equipped in asset based community development, learning how to lead their small communities into identifying and creating inside solutions for equipping people to apply the gospel to the needs of the poorest of their poor in their neighborhood. 

GHFTW empowers two new partnerships for multiplying local church leaders at both the village and the national level.

  1. At the microlevel, the smallest village, the CEUM (Communauté Evangélique de l’Ubangi Mongala), is beginning a new partnership with the Global CHE network out of Nigeria. Now local African leaders will train village pastors in this asset based community development to multiply at the most basic level the power of the Gospel.
  2. At the macro level for leadership multiplication, CEUM national leaders are entering a new partnering with the Glocal GACX African pastors network, allowing them to collaborate with and work closely with other  Congolese  church national leaders in the country.  GHFTW seeds this new relationship at the CEUM becomes a part of this Congolese led organization.

Watch the video on December 18 to discover how leadership can be multiplied to continue reaching new people with the claims of the gospel and multiplying disciples amongst the Congolese Church.

You are invited to be part of the solution through awareness of these opportunities, through learning more from reading and study, and through praying and believing with expectancy God will use these investments to bring great returns to the kingdom.  As you give this month of December, know that your giving is being multiplied the world over many times! Offer your December gift to help fund these exciting opportunities for developing leadership that multiplies!