God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart For The World

God’s Heart for The World is a PCC support opportunity that spans the following people:

  • Orphans
  • Immigrants
  • Impoverished
  • Least Reached

Throughout the month of December 2020, 10% of all giving to PCC will be allocated to God’s Heart For The World. These funds will seed sustainable holistic development in a disciple-making context.

In both the Old and New Testaments, God clearly conveys His heart for the poor and our responsibility toward being His hands and feet—just start by searching Bible Gateway with the keyword “poor”!  We are commanded to wisely steward and invest in them, so that all people might have the opportunity to become what God made them to be, physically and spiritually.


Turntable Housing and PCC’s Radiant Youth partner to help young women aging out of foster care find transitional housing in a discipleship mentoring program. Without this kind of God-filled intervention, children growing up in the foster system are likely to become homeless, pregnant, drug addicted, trafficked, incarcerated, or deceased—before or after aging out of foster care. Discipleship housing offers eternal options. Young at-risk adults are placed in a home with a Christian mentor, who can walk with them through the many challenges that are the result of multiple traumatic life-experiences. The benefits of discipleship housing include:

  • acquiring independent living skills
  • prayer mentorship
  • Bible study engagement
  • counseling and support groups
  • learning how to budget
  • receiving guidelines for healthy eating
  • learning how to maintain job stability
  • understanding the importance of education

These vulnerable young women will be living in the presence of loving understanding people, who offer real hope and a new belief their lives are both valuable and safe. 


La Luz Immigration Resource Center is a PCC ministry to serve the needs of immigrants, especially in Redwood City, as God calls His people to care for the alien. The food distribution partnership we had with World Vision seeded the start of relationships building in the community. La Luz is coordinating the future food distribution for PCC’s partners working on the ground with the most vulnerable— Generations United, Street Life Ministries, and Radiant Youth—providing food for families in need. Being local, this expanded food and discipleship program is will listen to these people, discover what they most desire to eat, and work with our partners to be sure people going into the community to deliver food are growing in discipleship as well. 


Christmas Stores for Kennedy Middle School and Henry Ford Elementary School are ministries PCC leadership created many years ago, so that struggling families could enjoy a joyful Christmas celebration with dignity.

The Redwood City School District invites the least resourced families to participate. PCC organizes a store—complete with specific items these families have suggested they most need. The gifts are primarily subsidized through PCC’s God’s Heart for the World offering proceeds. The families receive vouchers, enabling them to shop for their families with assistance from bi-lingual shopping assistants. Before leaving, PCCers giftwrap everything for the families, while enjoying conversation together.


PCC has been partnering in Jerez, Spain with the Africa Inland Mission (AIM) collaborative mission with Tarsus Bethel, which is led by Pastor Pedro. This ministry is focused on reaching refugees coming from least reached areas of North Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Pastor Pedro has also invited our teams to serve as well. Now that many of these refugees have followed Jesus, they are connecting believers back to their home communities. One of these, the Sahrawi people, have been adopted by PCC. Through the network of relationships between those refugees in Spain and those still in their homeland, we identified a need and opportunity—to gain access and provide a way out of poverty. Our God’s Heart for the World offering helped fund the startup of a profitable argan oil business through Activate Global. This initiative helps provide stability and hope, so people need not flee across the Mediterranean, allowing the Gospel to flow.

This network of relationships, through Pastor Pedro’s visionary leadership, has led to engaging another vulnerable people group in the area, the Haratin (or Harratine) people. They have been enslaved by Arab traders for centuries. Through a unique partnership, this God’s Heart for the World offering will fund the startup costs for a new berber carpet-weaving business, providing jobs for women being freed from slavery. As a result of people finding hope and experiencing authentic relationships with Christ-followers through these kingdom businesses, new Jesus-followers and new churches are planted in these formerly least reached areas of the world.