Messages on 2 Timothy

Timothy’s Family Calling, 6/5/22

MESSAGE During this 9-week series, we will focus on what it means to be called by God. Simply put, we are Ordinary People with Ordinary Callings. We each have an ordinary call that takes a unique shape in a specific place. Our ordinary call is 3-fold: Loving God & others (Connection), making disciples (Multiplication) and healing a broken world (Restoration). The SHAPE it takes is based on our Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences. The place we find ourselves…

Farewell Gaddinis, 06/27/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jun 27, 2021 – Farewell Gaddinis We’re honoring Gary & Anne Gaddini and their 5 daughters for their ministry at PCC, beginning in 1997. Gary has been our Lead Pastor since 2003. Our theme is What God Has Done

Finish Well, 06/20/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jun 20, 2021 – Finish Well Whose version of you are you living? Pastor Gary unpacks 5 ways that the Apostle Paul finished well, cited in 2 Timothy 4:6-22.

Self-Control, 11/29/20

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Nov 29, 2020 – THE ESSENTIALS: Self-Control For those who identify as Christians, “the fruit of the Spirit” is a well-known phrase from a much-loved passage of Scripture. Though it is so well known, its life-altering impact can be lost on many Christians. Tragically, the character of Christ can be obscured through the lives of Christians. Never is this myopia more of a reality than in an election season. The fruit of the Spirit is the…