Messages on 2 Timothy

Farewell Gaddinis, 06/27/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jun 27, 2021 – Farewell Gaddinis We’re honoring Gary & Anne Gaddini and their 5 daughters for their ministry at PCC, beginning in 1997. Gary has been our Lead Pastor since 2003. Our theme is What God Has Done

Finish Well, 06/20/21

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Jun 20, 2021 – Finish Well Whose version of you are you living? Pastor Gary unpacks 5 ways that the Apostle Paul finished well, cited in 2 Timothy 4:6-22.

Self-Control, 11/29/20

Watch: Listen: Peninsula Covenant Church · Nov 29, 2020 – THE ESSENTIALS: Self-Control For those who identify as Christians, “the fruit of the Spirit” is a well-known phrase from a much-loved passage of Scripture. Though it is so well known, its life-altering impact can be lost on many Christians. Tragically, the character of Christ can be obscured through the lives of Christians. Never is this myopia more of a reality than in an election season. The fruit of the Spirit is the…