It is always good to understand what our foundation is, the base we stand upon. It is always good to know what forms that foundation. Over the next five weeks we will look at the Shema, the beginning of the really long sermon in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. It is a text that our Jewish brothers and sisters use every time they worship. They often begin worship reciting a litany based on the Shema which you will learn. All of it will help us begin the next chapter of our lives together as PCC.

For those for whom faith is relatively new, this series will help you understand the foundation of our faith. For those who have been walking with God awhile, this is an opportunity to refresh our understanding of what is important in our faith. For all of us, this series will challenge us to live into our understanding of faith.

What will we learn?

  1. Shema means HEAR and OBEY.
  2. Faith is a way of life. It means being all in.
  3. God entrusts parents to raise children.
  4. God is extraordinarily generous, that all we have is a gift from God.
  5. That it is important to remember from where we came, what our life was like before meeting Jesus.

May 7

All In

May 14

Faith as a Way of Life

May 21

Parenting: A Pillar of Life

May 28

Living with Gratitude: God is for Us

June 4

Remembering Important Things