Street Life Ministry

Street Life Ministry serves the homeless throughout the mid and south peninsula with meals, counseling, connections to services, and worship gatherings when allowed. If you are interested in either the ‘shop’ or ‘serve’ options, click here.

Shop. Assemble hygiene kits and bring to PCC’s Street Life barrel. In times of COVID19, these are more essential than ever!

Serve. Prepare, serve, or clean up food. Monday through Thursday evenings in PCC’s kitchen and/or onsite in Redwood City or Menlo Park.

Faith and Finance

Faith and Finance is a certification program, offered in partnership with Chalmers Center, to equip trainers that can teach faith-based finance to under resourced peoples. Are you interested in more knowledge of helping the poor escape poverty or being certified to teach? We are looking for you! Let us know on the information card below. 

Paul Carlson Partnership

Paul Carlson Partnership. Did you know you can help lift people from some of the worst poverty in the world (Congo) by buying their coffee? Follow the link to Karawa Coffee Project for Economic Development,

More Possibilities

Do you have a general interest in helping the poor build hope into their lives through business? PCC partners with:

The Glocal Hub Office has many resources for learning. Find out how you can help and pray to be part of a solution that sustains poverty elimination, while making disciples.